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Danny Su Griffin

Danny "SU" Griffin

Paterson, New Jersey native Danny “Su” Griffin is known for signing buzzing talent, creating stars, and producing hits. “Su” is recognized by many around the world as the man who discovered Fetty Wap, but the music industry marvels at Su’s genius and extraordinary accomplishments, like making history with Fetty’s four simultaneous hits from his first album that topped Billboard’s Top 10 Hot Rap Song Chart. Su is also responsible for finding and signing rap phenom Kodak Black who made his industry debut on the coveted XXL magazine’s 2016 “Freshman Class” issue as a breakout artist to watch. To say Danny "Su" Griffin has a sense for finding the next BIG artist would be an understatement.


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Couple Su’s innate gifted ear and eye for talent with his savvy business sense and you get a clearer picture of why this man stays winning. While he has built multi-million-dollar artists and businesses, his most recent endeavor, record label American Music Group (AMG), is his baby.


AMG is a full-service record label that provides artist management, music publishing, production, and comprehensive marketing strategies to ensure artist’s success both on the charts and in life. 


Griffin’s methods are proven, his passion is unmatched, he’s firm that authenticity is a non-negotiable, and the result is...well…success! Griffin explains, “AMG was built to revolutionize the music industry through racial equality and challenging the status quo. We are the first boutique label that can expedite and mass-produce high quality music with a means to distribute hits to a hungry fanbase.”

Notorious Tae, Danny Su Griffin, Lil Iso

Currently, AMG boasts a stable of young, eager, talented, and diverse artists. Take for instance rapper-writer Lil Iso who has already acquired a worldwide fan base and hip hop phenom Notorious Tae who’s been hailed as one of this year’s emerging stars.

Danny “Su” Griffin, is simply setting up his next homerun. His vision, “AMG is going to shake up the music industry, we’re going against the grain of normalcy and challenging the status quo.” Griffin continues, “I aggressively knock down doors, navigating the culture to find my next move while doing my part. The way I see it, the world is our stage and we are here to perform!” Danny “Su” Griffin has created an Artist first, full-service label that has leveraged his passion, belief and business acumen behind the strength of his artists, and that ladies and gentlemen is a recipe for HUGE success.

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